It is our mission to bring the presence of Christ wherever we are, discovering God’s love in every person, in all creation and in every event of our lives.

To Follow Christ…
We are called to follow Christ by giving ourselves to him through a Covenant of Love with Mary. Mary is our mother, sister, model and educator. She inspires us to deepen our love for Christ and to form a genuine family-like community with a spirituality which is deeply rooted in the Covenant of Love with her.

To Serve Christ…
We are involved in a variety of professions and ministries to proclaim the Gospel, including:
• Pastoral care
• Health care
• Overseas mission work
• Retreat and Spirituality centres
• Education
• Business
• Formation of girls, women and families within the Schoenstatt Movement.

To Love Christ…
Through a lifestyle which offers a balance of prayer, ministry and community we are committed to faithfulness to the Church and to our Community.
We foster a wholesome, harmonious view of life, working for equality and justice as we care for our members and those with whom we work.
By being flexible and adaptable we can bring Christ and Mary to every sphere.
Our lifestyle allows us to wear a uniform or lay dress, living in community settings or alone.

Sisters Green text

The Secular Institute of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary was founded by Fr Joseph Kentenich on the 1st October 1926 in Schoenstatt, Germany. The first members arrived in Australia in 1951. Our community is one of the first secular institutes in the Church.
Members of Secular Institutes work for the evangelization of our contemporary society. They seek ‘to express and insert the Gospel as salt and leaven into the reality of the world in which they live and work.’ (Blessed John Paul II)
Today more than 2500 sisters from 35 countries serve the Church across the globe.

For more information please contact:
Community Leader Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary
9 Talus Drive Mt Richon WA 6112
08 9399 2349