A Nine Month Novena In Preparation For Schoenstatt’s Centenary Celebration

Prayer card

You’re invited to our Novena as we prepare our hearts to celebration Schoenstatt’s Founding Hour.

Join us in giving thanks for 100 years of the Covenant of Love and a blessed history,

the history of the glories of the Mother Thrice Admirable from her Shrines!

Ninth and Final Month: Friday October 3 at 7.30pm in the Shrine

Theme: The Covenant of Love In The Everyday

PLEASE BRING YOUR GROUP SYMBOL along if you have one!!!

This Novena will be followed by light refreshments.

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2 responses to Novena

  1. Novena 2 – The Covenant of Love in the First Milestone.
    Last Friday I was in our Shrine with many movement members sharing the second Novena. It was very spiritually uplifting to praise and give thanks to Fr Kentenich and his founding document. Our Lady is truly wonderful in this Jubilee year. Thank you again sisters for organising this second Novena. I strongly recommend everyone try and make the next one as each one is special in its own right.

  2. A big thank you to the sisters for the first Novena last Friday. It was spiritually very powerful and wonderful to share prayers together. The theme of a ‘Perfect Exchange of Hearts’ gave an excellent focus to the Covenant of Love.